Quality and Environmental Policy

We want to be a hotel chain that offers the greatest effort and dedication to provide the best service to its customers from the momento they arrive until they leave. Due to our service philosophy, we want to offer the highest possible quality in our facilities for the category that concern us, which is accompanied by a level of service that allows us to achieve user satisfaction. Our objective is excellence in sustainability, we want KN hotels to be a regional benchmark of respect for the environment and for our brand to be identified with the concepts of quality and support for traditions and the local economy. All this, within the scope: “hotel services in accomodation and catering”.

Through our quality, environmental and continuous improvement policy in our services development, we express the following commitment:

  • Compliance with all legal requirements, regulations and aplicable environmental legislation.
  • Compliance with the requirements established by our customers.
  • To properly control our work, ensuring our customers satisfaction.
  • To promote continuous improvement in all aspects of our organization.
  • To promote the necessary improvements to obtain the proposed improvement objectives.
  • To promote training and communication to all the staff, including administrators, as well as third parties related to it in order to be aware of the necessary standards and commitments in terms of compliance.
  • To introduce all posible resources in order to let our facilities and infrastructures reach all the requirements of our interested parties, allowing us to offer a quality service to all our customers.
  • To protect the ecosystem through responsable use of natural resources.
  • To maintain a commitment to island development, prioritzing collaboration with local suppliers as much as posible.
  • To promote among our users the use of local commerce and respect for the island traditions and culture, as well as the promotion of the respect for the natural environment that surrounds us through recommendations and information upon arrival at the establishment.
  • To establish and maintain a respectful behavior of all the rules as the ethical standards, in the event of conflict behaviors with the policies or internal procedures, a philosophy of no tolerance will be applied.
  • To form an organization capable of adapting to the needs of customers, developing a quality service oriented towards its excellence, always focused on the respect and compliance with the current legislation.

This policy is reviewed, understood and accepted by all our desired parties and it will be available to all of them with the reaffirming objective that the final quality of the provided service, as well as the impact of our activities on the environment is the result of the actions planned and the systematic prevention, detection, correction and continuous improvement throughout the process interaction. Moreover ensuring the prevention of adverse environmental impacts from a life cycle approach and helping to protect the natural environment against damage and degradation.

In Arona on July 7, 2022
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